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La Leche League of New York                            February 2018
e-Blender #49

The Area Leaders Letter

Leader Department News
Haley Scribner, ACL 

Let’s do the Numbers! 
I’d like to say a big thank you to all of the Leaders who reported the Groups numbers for July through December. I know that this is not the most fun part of being a Leader, but it is one of the basic Leader responsibilities. I would also like to say a HUGE thank you to all of the amazing District Advisors that meticulously compiled all of the information you sent in and got it to me. I am forever grateful for the work and time that you put into collecting reporting information.  Please take a look at the statistics image to see how AMAZING the Leaders are here in New York! I am so fortunate to be able to work alongside you all! 

Welcome the New District Advisor (DA) for Lower Hudson
Cara Banks has been a Leader with Greenbush La Leche League since August 2016 and is looking forward to serving LLL in a broader capacity as a DA. She has two sweet and energetic daughters, ages 10 months and six years. In her free time, Cara enjoys coaching Track and Field, running, cooking and spending time with family and friends.

DA positions are available!
Have you been thinking you would like to test the water with doing a little more as an LLL Leader? The Area needs a couple more District Advisors (DA). The job is family friendly and takes only a few hours each month. There are great perks too – you get to know more Leaders in the Area; you can talk, text, email or message them.  You get to learn first-hand how other Groups plan meetings, advertise, fundraise, work with Leader Applicants and more all from the comfort of your home.  There’s a vast support network for the DAs too; help is never further than a call or text away. You will be a member of the LLL NY Area Council and meet even more Leaders through online chats and Area Council meetings.  It sounds like fun doesn’t it?   Contact Haley Scribner, ACL today for more info or to volunteer! hmscribner@gmail.com

All new DAs will be getting a $25.00 discount off of their
2018 Conference Registration! Grab this opportunity while it lasts! 

Welcome a new Leader
Cassondra Moriarity
Manhattan West
Date of accreditation:  01/10/2018
I did it! By Kasandra Hopkins, Leader LLL of Greenbush

I did it!  I led my first meeting as a new Leader solo.  I was nervous, especially when the two parents who attended were both expecting their first children.  Luckily, the Series topic for the night was one I was very comfortable with and a perfect one for the conversation with expectant parents considering breastfeeding: Health Advantages of Breastfeeding for Mother and Baby.  I had prepped a poster with visual cues that spurred many questions and discussion that kept the meeting flowing so well that they were closing up our meeting location and I felt like we could have stayed talking. The meeting was a great confidence booster as a new Leader that I really can do what I set out to and help others have a successful nursing journey!

Love from the LAD (Leader Accreditation Department)

Meet Cori Werner, the new ACLA
(Associate Coordinator of Leader Applicants)

I currently live in Queens, NY with my loving husband, Aaron, and two children, Ilana six who started kindergarten this year and Jonah three who is my happy and energetic breastfeeding son. My family just made a big transition when we moved from New York City to the Hudson Valley at the end of January. We are excited and nervous but overall looking forward to this change. I have been a La Leche League Leader since March 2017 and have spent the past year co-Leading in Sunnyside, Queens.  Recently  I had the honor of joining the Leader Accreditation Department (LAD). I was so inspired by working with Cynthia Massey (who worked with me as my ACLA) and Annie Frisbie (my supporting Leader) during the accreditation process that I knew the LAD would eventually be the additional role in LLL I would want to take on. But it was attending the Area Council (AC) meeting in Fishkill, NY this past fall that pushed me into action. Attending the Area Council meeting and seeing firsthand all the incredible work that is being done by Leaders, some for DECADES, really pushed me to want to contribute more to the Area and La Leche League as a whole. I’ve started the New Year by working with my first Leader Applicant and am learning and having fun with this new role. I’m excited to broaden my reach by working with the LAD, and it feels good to be connecting to La Leche League outside of the  Group meeting I was co-Leading. I look forward to working with many of you in my new role. Thank you.


Is the LAD for you? by Cynthia Massey, Interim CLA

Has Cori’s enthusiasm inspired you to learn about joining the LAD? I’m always looking for more Leaders to work with Leader Applicants as ACLAs, and am also looking for a Coordinator of Leader Accreditation (CLA). Acceptance of that position comes with free conference registration and help with paying for your hotel room!  Please contact me if you would like to learn more about how you can help LLL of NY, and all of LLL, by joining the LAD.        cynthiamassey1118@gmail.com 


Dear LLL USA Leaders,
The LLL USA Helpline is set to open soon! We are seeking volunteers who will be able to return voicemails on the USA warmline. The warmline has been remodeled to be a quicker and easier form of collecting and returning phone calls to families in need of help. If you are interested please fill out the form and you will hear from us shortly! Sincerely, Jacquana Smith Helpline Director 
Click Here to Apply to the Helpline

Publication Posts by Scarlet S. Miles, APC
Did you miss the January 25, 2018, LLLI News? 
In case you did please note:

We have been hard at work making changes and adding content to the new LLLI website that will relaunch in February(NEXT WEEK!) Much of the content on the current site is dated and will not be migrating to the new site, so please be sure to download any content you want to be able to access. Please also note that any links to information on the current site will no longer work when the new site is launched.

Planning the Series Meeting
Are you looking for inspiration for the next Series Meeting? Here are a few links to meeting ideas. Take a look at them now and download any from the LLLI website because they will disappear soon!


password  use your  LLLID
password  use your  LLLID 


Communications Department, Mary Fay CSIC

Collaborating with your LLL Community
by Helen McCullagh, Communication Skills Instructor (CSI)

Planning LLL meetings with co-Leaders are opportunities for connecting, enrichment, problem-solving and of course planning a meeting or series. The unofficial reason you want to get together for a meeting with your co-Leaders is that they are your first line of support. You are involved with many facets of family life and taking time for tea or lunch with one another, often with your family in tow, can be a wonderful chance to recharge your batteries, share new information, promote continuing education events, and nourish your enthusiasm for helping parents and babies. And remember you are on a journey just like the families you help and can use some encouragement too. Lone Leaders can use the opportunity for planning meetings with the core attendees who may be interested in more than one meeting a month.

It can be a challenge to think of new and catchy meeting topics that could entice attendees or to create meeting props to help engage them at the meeting. This is where resources such as the Leader Handbook and the online LLL Meeting Ideas collection can be useful. Some Groups plan quarterly while others do a whole year at one meeting. No time like the present to start coordinating a gathering for catching up and doing some Group business. When are you getting together with your co-Leaders? 

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Share your breastfeeding photos- individual or group photos are welcome! Have an idea for an article? Or is there something you would like to see in the newsletter? We are in need of articles for future issues. Please send your ideas or article to Scarlett Miles, APC to LLLNYPublications@gmail.com .  Articles selected for publication may be edited for length, clarity, and adherence to LLL publishing guidelines. 

New Year happenings in the Finance Department
by Aimée Readhead, AFC

Raiser’s Edge
The new LLLI database, Raiser’s Edge, is now being used and regularly updated to make sure the Area’s information is current. This is extremely important because LLL Alliance takes a headcount of how many Leader’s there are and uses the count to calculate the Leader dues amount for the coming year. If you or a co-Leader are retired or planning to retire, please remember to let Haley or someone on the Area Team know so that we can update the database.

The  LLLNY Area website does not contain current financial information. While we work on updating the website, please keep an eye on your email for the most up-to-date finance forms and feel free to contact Aimee with any questions about which forms to use. 

Group Financial Reports

The Area Finance Report is due April 1st, 2018. Please, can you help me submit this by completing a Group Finance Report (GFR) as soon as possible? Every Group is required to submit a report so I can include the information in the Area Finance Report. Please chat with the Group Treasurer or co-Leaders to make sure a report will be submitted for the fiscal year April 1, 2017-March 31, 2018. Click on the green link below to reach the GFR.If you require assistance, please get in touch with me, Aimée, FinanceNYLLL@gmail.com or 347.735.3009. Thank you all so much for your prompt support with this! 
Keep an eye out in your email for your 2018 Leader and Group Dues Invoice. I’m looking forward to hearing from everyone about how things are going this year. Please chat with your co-Leaders or Group treasurer if you have any questions or require assistance with any of these pieces of work. Thank you!

Click here for GFR

PL Department News
Breastfeeding with Influenza by Katie Lewis APL

The CDC currently recommends that parents who test positive for the influenza virus should be separated from their infants. They are encouraging parents to pump and have a healthy person bottle feed the baby until the breastfeeding parent has been fever free for 24 hours and has been on anti-viral medication for 48 hours. There may be some parents who wish to follow these recommendations, and as Leaders, we can support them with information about pumping and feeding expressed breast milk in a way that is compatible with breastfeeding. This article is one that Leaders can share with parents about paced bottle feeding: 
However, many well-respected breastfeeding organizations disagree that babies should be separated from a breastfeeding parent with influenza.  The following is copied from the InfantRisk app. As Leaders, we have permission from the author to copy it and share it with parents. Leaders may want to make a few copies of it to have at meetings. If parents become ill they may share the information with their pediatricians.
“Influenza is characterized by moderate to high degree fever, chills, rigors, malaise, myalgia and is associated with upper respiratory tract symptoms such as a cough, nasal congestion, and rhinitis. The protective benefits of breast milk in fighting respiratory illnesses in the infant has been well established. Therefore, infants with influenza illness are encouraged to breastfeed. Given its potential benefits and since no established data on the transfer of the influenza virus into breast milk exists, mothers with influenza are encouraged to continue breastfeeding. It should be noted that exposure of the infant to maternal illness is inevitable since the mother is contagious 24 hours prior to the onset of symptoms. Lactating women with influenza can be safely treated with either oseltamivir or zanamivir since both are compatible with breastfeeding. The infant should be closely monitored for any signs of respiratory illness and be treated accordingly. Influenza is spread by coughing and sneezing; therefore, covering the mouth and nose and good handwashing can prevent the spread of the virus.  For more information, contact the InfantRisk Center at (806)352-2519.”
There is also a media release from LLLI dated January 20, 2018, LLLI Encourages Continuing to Nurse Your Baby Through the Flu. You should have received it in an email- a copy is available here 
https://goo.gl/NRCvfc.  Finally, this article by Jack Newman is worth a read:  https://ibconline.ca/maternal-illness1/

LLL NY Area Conference
October 27 & 28, 2018
Syracuse, NY

Heather Gansky, Area Coordinator of Education (ACE)
There are a few positions still open on the Area Conference Committee. Anyone helping with a conference job and who speaks gets $10.00 off registration. If one of these positions fits you contact Heather Gansky, Area Coordinator of Education (ACE) to volunteer or get more information.
Positions open
1. Various smaller jobs for registration.
Media creator: name tag and creation of each person’s itinerary for the day (which sessions they signed up for, meal designation, etc.); signs for various areas (children’s room, raffle area name to be determined, vendor/exhibitor area, conference rooms and their topic designation.
2. Outreach/ advertising- Reaching out to the community to spread the word about the event. Lactation professionals, midwife offices, doula services, pediatric offices, daycares are just a few places to think about.
3. Program creation- includes all ads purchased by various companies for advertising; registration folder insert materials. This will be passed along to the person in charge of registration.

Looking for Leaders to present on the following topics:
1. Nutrition: Nutritional meal planning and prep for families on the go; preparing meals on the weekends for the rest of the week; Nutrition for the working family; anything else nutrition-related that can be geared toward today’s on the go families or who don’t have a lot of time to plan and prepare.
2. Partner involvement: Parenting without feeding; Bonding without feeding; Etc. Basically partner involvement besides needing to feed the baby. This could include care of a nursing parent, etc.

Advertising and Exhibiting at the Conference
We are currently looking to fill our program booklet and registration folders with ads. If you are interested in advertising, please contact Cara Banks Coachmamabanks@gmail.com. Leaders interested in being a vendor or exhibitor, please contact Cara Banks at the below email. Cara can answer questions and send you an application. If you know anyone who may be interested in either placing an ad or becoming a vendor or exhibitor, please have them contact Cara Banks with any questions and also for an application. 

The LLLNY Area Team

Area Coordinator of Leaders 
Haley Scribner 

Coordinator of Leader Accreditation 
Cynthia Massey 

Area Publications Coordinator 
Scarlett Miles 


Area Finance Coordinator 
Aimee Readhead

Area Professional Liaison 
Katie Lewis 

Area Coordinator of Events
Heather Gansky

Communication Skills Instructor Coordinator 
Mary Fay 

La Leche League is an international, nonprofit, nonsectarian organization dedicated to providing education, information, and encouragement to individuals who want to breastfeed. 

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