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April 2018                                

e-Blender #51

The Area Leaders Letter

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  • Mixing Causes 
  • The Ripple Effect
  • Posting Pickles
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Finance Department News
by Aimée Readhead AFC

Spring to it!

Please, can you help me? The fiscal year for La Leche League ends on March 31. Each Group needs to send in a Group Financial Report so that I can include all income and expenses in the Area Financial Report. The Area Financial Report is due to La Leche League Alliance for Breastfeeding Education by the end of April. Each Group can complete a Group Finance Report online here or print and send a form here. You can find additional information and the links via the Finance Department (password: breastfeeding) website. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Aimée, AFC at FinanceNYLLL@gmail.com or 347.735.3009. Thank you so much for your prompt attention to this task!

Leader and Group Dues

Please keep an eye on your email for your e-invoice for 2018 Leader and Group Dues. If you think you may need assistance paying your Leader or Group dues, please start by asking your Group Treasurer. Leader and Group dues may be paid from a Group Treasury. Please contact Aimée, AFC or 518.755.8713 to chat further.hmscribner@gmail.com or 347.735.3009 or Haley ACL FinanceNYLLL@gmail.com.  

LLL NY Area Conference
October 27 & 28, 2018
Syracuse, NY


Heather Gansky, ACE

Help Wanted!

Do you enjoy talking with other Leaders?

Does working at home in your pajamas appeal to you?

Would you like to set your work hours and change them as needed?

Do you love a job with great rewards and incredible support network?

If you said yes to any of these, the New York Leader Department might be just the place for you!  We have several open positions.
Curious? Contact me today! Haley Scribner, ACL 

Hello NY Leaders!
The Area Team is super excited to announce that LLLNY now has a new website! Same Leader password: breastfeeding
Have you checked out the new LLLNY website?
What are you waiting for?
We are still under construction, and your comments and submissions are welcome.  Send them to LaLecheLeagueofNewYork@gmail.com

Same address: https://lllny.org/ 

Please extend a warm welcome to the newest Leaders in NY!
Alexandra Devin

LLL of Southern Duchess
Accreditation Date: March 30, 2018
Carla Celebioglu

LLL of Brooklyn-Madison/Marine Park
Accreditation Date: March 29, 2018

Click here for the new LLL NY website


Mixing Causes
By Cynthia Massey  Regional Administrators of Leader Accreditation (RALA) and Acting CLA

It is becoming increasingly common for a La Leche League (LLL) Leader to become an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), or for someone who is already an IBCLC to wish to become an LLL Leader. “The two roles, LLL Leader and IBCLC, are different yet can complement each other. LLL Leaders who are also IBCLCs recognize the responsibilities of each job and work to keep the roles separate. It is important that LLL Leaders avoid “mixing causes.” For example, Leaders cannot recruit clients for their lactation consultant practices at La Leche League meetings or when mothers contact them as Leaders. This restriction can be especially challenging for Leaders who live in communities where they may be the only LLL Leader and the only IBCLC.” (LLLI)
There are several ways an IBCLC/LLL Leader can work toward avoiding mixing causes. Separate email addresses or phone numbers for each role can ensure callers whether they are reaching a volunteer support person, an LLL Leader, or a paid professional. Having a comprehensive list of all IBCLCs in the area available at LLL meetings for a mother who may be looking for help beyond what an LLL Leader can provide is another. Just as Leaders do not endorse specific healthcare providers in other specialties, no IBCLC, including the Leader herself, should be specifically recommended. If an IBCLC/LLL Leader begins working with a mother while in her 
Leader role and thinks that the help needed is becoming more specialized than she is comfortable providing as a volunteer, a referral to available IBCLCs in the area can be offered. She can include her name on the list as long as there is no pressure put on the mother to use her services.   
While it can sometimes be confusing for an IBCLC/LLL Leader to navigate between the two roles, with careful thought and consideration one person can comfortably fulfill both responsibilities. Remembering to note and respect the way in which the relationship with the mother looking for help began can go a long way toward not “mixing causes” and allowing the IBCLC/LLL Leader to provide appropriate support to all who seek lactation services.

“Thoughts on Becoming an LLL Leader and IBCLC” LAD LLLI November 2015 
http://www.lllalliance.org/pre-application-dialogue-resources/  (password 

The Ripple Effect by Scarlett Miles APC         

Little did NY Leader, Jen Deshaies know when she led the workshop “All Stressed Up and Nowhere to Go?” at the July 2015 LLL Alliance LDS in Queens, NY that her suggestions would travel around the globe. The following year another Leader Nancy Sobier-Maier who had heard Jen contacted her and requested permission to use the “De-stress” LDS workshop outline. Nanci then shared the workshop at the 2016 LLL European Management Symposium (EMS) which included Leaders from all over Europe and one Leader from China, Missy Wang.

Last December, Nanci shared an email and photos from LLL Leader Missy Wang in China “This is a part of my annual plan: hold three times destress salons for three different groups I am working with. And happily reached my goal.” 

Thank you, Jen, Nanci, and Missy for sharing your story.


We Are Sorry
March 20, 2018
Categories: LLLI Newsletter

We have been considering this for a long time, and based on feedback Board members heard during the 14 – 15 March European Council meeting in Berlin, have realized the following statement is long overdue. We shared this verbally at the European Management Symposium (EMS) and now share it with all Leaders:

We heard you at yesterday’s European Council meeting. We apologize for the Pioneer Event of 17 months ago. We did not follow LLLI policies regarding the organization of such events. We did not ask prospective sponsors the right questions. We did not do the research that was required to protect La Leche League, which is one of the main responsibilities of the Board of Directors. After Leaders discovered that one of the sponsors was not Code compliant, that sponsor’s name was not removed from the programs. That was negligence on our part. Our reaction to the resulting criticism was to blame Leaders for talking about it.

We were wrong, we were negligent, we were disrespectful of your expertise and concerns, and we are sorry. 

We are aware that there are many other issues of deep concern and will address them and update Leaders soon. If you have comments or concerns, please contact us at board@lll.org.

Posting Pickles
Katie Lewis APL

Q:  I have permission to post a question from a parent on Facebook.  Is that okay to do?

A:  Yes, it is fine to post questions we get from parents on the NY Leader Lounge Facebook page.  However, a parent who gave permission to post might change their mind about what information they feel comfortable with being on Facebook.  Facebook is also not an entirely private platform, even on private or closed pages such as LLL of New York — Leaders’ Lounge, therefore it is our responsibility to help families maintain anonymity.  It is never appropriate to cut and paste from an email and put it on Facebook. Instead, please try to paraphrase the parent’s concerns. Leaders can also contact the Professional Liaison Department at LLLNYPLDept@gmail.com for confidential help gathering information to support families.   

Leaders are talking.

“So if a nursing mother gets a cold or another mild virus, and she has older non-nursing children in the house, do you think it’s beneficial to give a tablespoon or so of breastmilk to the older children who are not sick with the idea that mother’s antibodies are being made for the nursling and might be preventative for the older children?”
Was checking this group for tongue tie referrals, and noticed the list is five years old. Is there a more recent list? Or are the contacts still valid? Thanks all!  Anyone have time to update? Contact the PL department if you can help!

From the LLLI home page

A world without barriers to experiencing the love and wisdom
found in the breastfeeding relationship.

From the greater LLL community
Leading online meetings – some prompts can be found here. 


USA  Helpline Update  
The Helpline is officially back on!! We are seeking volunteers to help take calls! On Wednesday we had 30 calls and yesterday 21! There are so many families who still need this resource! We need leaders by the numbers to help return calls!! The process has been streamlined with busy leaders in mind! Please feel free to reach out, if you have any questions! If interested in volunteering please click  

Questions – contact Jacquana Smith   
jacquana.smith@outlook.com !

The LLLNY Area Team

Area Coordinator
Haley Scribner 

Coordinator of Leader Accreditation 
Cynthia Massey 


Area Publications Coordinator 
Scarlett Miles 



Area Finance Coordinator 
Aimee Readhead


Area Professional Liaison 
Katie Lewis 


Area Coordinator of Events
Heather Gansky


Communication Skills Instructor Coordinator 
Mary Fay 


Submissions for future issues of
the e-Blender are due by the 15th of the month. 

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