e-Blender #52: May 2018

La Leche League of New York 
May 2018                                

e-Blender #52

The Area Leaders Letter

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  • Listening for Postpartum Depression
  • Breastfeeding in the Millenium Area Conference Topic preview
  • Help Wanted
  • $Finance News$
  • LLLNY Website News
  • Area Agreements news
  • LLLI Insurance Certificates – how to’s
  • LLLI News
  • Area Team directory

Listening for Postpartum Depression

by Jennifer Leopold, AAPL, LMSW, IBCLC

     The transition from pregnancy to motherhood can bring up normal feelings of concern for the newborn and, a new mother may feel overwhelmed with her new responsibilities.  Often hormonal transformations play a role in feelings of sadness. These highs and lows of emotions in the first two weeks post birth are referred to as the “baby blues.”  As our bodies begin to regulate, most mothers will begin to find calmness and confidence while they settle into their new roles.

     If mothers continue to struggle with the realities of their birth experiences, parenting, and breastfeeding, the “baby blues” may have turned into a Postpartum Depression (PPD), most commonly referred to as postpartum depression. The mothers most at risk for postpartum depression may have a history of anxiety and depression in combination with low social support. Prior to pregnancy and childbirth, many may have never sought professional treatment for their symptoms and assumed that their worry and sadness was just a normal part of their lives.  Also at risk for postpartum depression are those who have suffered trauma, such as a miscarriage, a stillbirth, or physical, sexual or psychological abuse. If you are talking to someone who is expressing feelings of not being perfect and of letting herself and her new baby down, this is a genuine cause for concern. Listening for indications of feelings of dread, utter frustration and failure can be helpful in identifying those who need support.

     Leaders are in an amazing position to start the ball rolling towards coping with postpartum depression. Asking parents if they are connected to clinicians, clergy, health care providers and loved ones is a good way find out who their support systems. Leaders can encourage families to reach out to these connections.

These are some red flags of PPD to listen for whether at a Meeting or on a helping telephone call:
•        Little to no interest or pleasure in life
•        Statements of feeling anxious, sad, down, depressed, or of hopelessness
•        Sleep disturbances  (not sleeping at all or only staying in bed)
•        No energy
•        Not eating or drinking
•        Lack of focus and trouble concentrating
•        Feeling like the world is moving in slow motion
•        Thoughts of dying or hurting oneself or someone else

We can help in many ways.  At our Meetings and on helping phone calls we can:
•        Initiate conversations about becoming physically active such as taking walks with or without baby
•        Get family and community active in bringing meals for the new family
•        Provide encouragement to at-risk parents to attend LLL meetings and join other new parent groups
•        Ask open-ended questions that allow new parents to explore what would make their lives better and more enjoyable
•        Keep a watchful eye and ear if a mother shares a traumatic birth or refers to breastfeeding difficulties as trauma.
•        Listen to their stories and acknowledge their physical and psychological pain and stress.

Resources for Leaders and families

Postpartum Support International: http://www.postpartum.net/

Depression Hotline: 1-800-LifeNet

Information about the treatment of PPD for parents and their doctors: http://www.uppitysciencechick.com/

Information about the compatibility of drugs with breastfeeding: https://www.infantrisk.com/

LLL NY Area Conference
October 27 & 28, 2018
Syracuse, NY


Heather Gansky, ACE

We have an exciting program planned!
A few of the many topic choices which will be offered:
Keynote speakers
Racial Challenges and Breastfeeding Wilma Matos, EDIA, LLL Alliance for Breastfeeding Education
Making a Difference in Mothers’ and Infants’ Lives: Everything the Dentist, Physician, and Lactation Consultant Should Understand When Assessing Infants for Tethered Oral Tissues (TOTS) Lawrence Kotlow, DDS, PC 
Add to your resource list for newborns?
Successfully Breastfeeding through a NICU stay
What To Expect in the Second Day of Life
Increase your breastfeeding know how?
Breastmilk: What is it, What is in it,
and How does it get there?
Explore issues affecting breastfeeding?
Racial Differences: Maternal Mortality and Morbidity
Enhance your parenting toolkit?
Parenting Toddlers and Teens: Not as Different as you Might Think
Family Fun With Food
Raise your communications to a new level?
How To Build Positive Relationships In Digital Communication
LGBTQI+: Tools to Communicate Effectively

Coming to your inbox soon-
Breastfeeding in the Millenium conference registration materials!

Help Wanted!

Open Positions
All Leaders, including recently accredited Leaders and NGA Leaders, are encouraged to apply for open positions.
All positions are stay-at-home friendly and you can do them in your pajamas!
Associate Coordinator of Leader Accreditation (ACLA)

  • Work in your pajamas!
  • Guide Leader Applicants through the preparation for leadership
  • Combine with family life and/or work outside the home
  • Connect with Leader Applicants by email, postal mail, or phone calls
  • Interested Leaders are invited to join the Leader Accreditation Department (LAD)

District Advisor for Leaders (DA)

  • Work in your pajamas!
  • Combine with family life and/or work outside the home
  • Connect with Leaders by email, postal mail, or phone calls
  • Encourage Leaders
  • Gather data
  • Answer questions

Area Online Coordinator (AOC)

  • Work in your pajamas!
  • Combine with family life and/or work outside the home
  • Gather data
  • Connect with Leaders

Curious? Contact me today! Haley Scribner, ACL 

Finance Department News
by Aimée Readhead AFC

Group Financial Reports
It’s time to get the Area Financial Report finalized and off our plate. Please help by completing a Group Financial Report and sending it to me as soon as possible. Each Group can complete a Group Finance Report online here or print a form here and mail it. You can find additional information and the links via the Finance Department (password: breastfeeding) website.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Aimée, AFC, at FinanceNYLLL@gmail.com or 347.735.3009.

Thank you so much to those working on this and to those who have already sent information along!

Leader and Group Dues
Please check your email for your e-invoice for 2018 Leader and Group Dues.
If you need assistance paying your Leader or Group dues, please start by asking your Group Treasurer. Leader and Group dues may be paid from a Group Treasury.

Please contact Aimée, AFC  to chat further FinanceNYLLL@gmail.com  347.735.3009 or Haley ACL  hmscribner@gmail.com 518.755.8713

Thank you to those who have already paid (45 Leaders and 15 Groups!).

Please extend a warm welcome to the newest Leader in NY!
Amber VandeKerkhoff
LLL of Manhattan West
Accreditation Date: April 11, 2018

Hello NY Leaders!
The Area Team is super excited to announce that LLLNY now has a new website! Same Leader password: breastfeeding
Have you checked out the new LLLNY website?
What are you waiting for?
We are still under construction, and your comments and submissions are welcome.  Send them to LaLecheLeagueofNewYork@gmail.com

Same address: https://lllny.org/ 

Click here for the new LLL NY website

LLLI Insurance Certificates
It’s that time of year when many LLL Groups plan fundraising events,  World Breastfeeding Week celebrations, Live Love Latch gatherings etc. And most venues request a certificate of insurance.  Here are the simple steps to follow to easily and quickly get the certificate.


  • Any Leader can request an insurance certificate.


  • A Certificate of Insurance covers the event and attendees at a property at which LLL meets.


  • Any location: Series Meetings, Enrichment Meetings, Live Love Latch, Leader Enrichment Workshops, etc.


  • A request will be filled in 48 hours in most cases. To be sure that life doesn’t get in the way, allow 14 days or more before your event for your request to be filled.


  • One Leader handles all requests from LLL USA, sends the request to the insurance company, and then emails a Certificate of Insurance back to you.


  • A Certificate of Insurance may be required by your rental agreement for your meeting venue.

Official procedure
Send your request to: insurancecertificate@lllusa.org
Include this information:

  • Name of Group or Area
  • Type of Event: Series Meeting, Conference, Live Love Latch, etc.
  • Date: Standard Meeting date (3rd Thursday of the month) or specific event date
  • Name, Address, and Phone number of the event location
  • Special Wording
  • Phone and email address of Leader requesting certificate


A funny anecdote from a Group mother in NYC.
I walked into the room to see my two-and-a-half-year-old stuffing my bra under the pillows on my bed and asked, “Anna, why are you putting my bra under the pillow?” Her response: “So you can grow more boobs.” Interested, I asked further, “Why would I want more boobs? I think the two I have are plenty, don’t you?” She ended it with, “Because I love that milk!” I will never forget the combination of pride in her imagination, delight that she loved nursing as much as I did, and reassurance that I still had milk enough to love.

LLL Leaders Rock!

Are you looking for Lisa Logos with a transparent background?

Here are some for LLLI and LLL USA.
Shout out to Beck McCormick for sharing!









The PROGRAM SERVICES COMMITTEE is seeking new members to participate and invigorate our work. Program Services, as described in the LLLI Bylaws, is a  “Standing Committee authorized by Article VIII Section 2 of the Bylaws and is herein commissioned by and responsible to the Board of Directors of La Leche League International for: advising it on matters pertaining to the delivery of its volunteer programs and services so that all the functions of the organization may be effectively and efficiently carried out in conformity with established policies and procedures of LLLI. The development of specific actions may be assigned to the Committee or other appropriate LLL bodies by the Chairman/Co-Chairman of the Board or Board of Directors.


This Committee shall:
·  advise the Board of Directors and make recommendations on matters pertaining to the delivery of volunteer services throughout La Leche League;
·  submit annual lists of objectives for Program Services as part of the planning and budgeting process;
·  evaluate annually the implementation of objectives;
·  evaluate annually with the Executive Director all programs and services;
·  initiate, evaluate, and update annually a five-year plan for La Leche League International;
·  meet as needed throughout the year;
·  create and supervise subcommittees as needed with the approval of the Chairman/Co-Chairmen of the Board.”
We need to work on several of the above duties. Development of volunteer services that will inspire Leaders and meet their needs for ongoing education and support as Leaders is one task we have discussed, and we are exploring ways of doing this that will be effective in a variety of settings. We also need to establish some new objectives for the coming year and work with Lee Claassen, ED, to evaluate currently existing programs and services. 
We invite interested Leaders to contact LLLLeaderSandy@gmail.com to indicate their interest in participating on this Committee. Please copy Keith Williams, our Staff Liaison, at Keith@llli.org on your email.


The LLLNY Area Team

Area Coordinator
Haley Scribner 

Coordinator of Leader Accreditation 
Cynthia Massey 


Area Publications Coordinator 
Scarlett Miles 



Area Finance Coordinator 
Aimee Readhead


Area Professional Liaison 
Katie Lewis 


Area Coordinator of Events
Heather Gansky


Communication Skills Instructor Coordinator 
Mary Fay 


Submissions for future issues of
the e-Blender are due by the 15th of the month. 

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